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                        WORKED ALL ORKNEY PARISHES AWARD

Operators within Europe must make contact with four Orkney parishes.

Operators outside Europe must make contact with two Orkney parishes.

A QSL card (or certified list) will be required for any contacts made with amateurs who are not members  of Orkney Amateur Radio Club.

Any band, or combination of bands, may be used.

Any mode, or combination of modes, may be used.

Any power level (subject to licensing) may used.

Award  endorsements  are available.

Please try to establish the parish name during the QSO. This is especially important if the Orkney station is mobile / portable. If you are unable to do this, or you are a short wave listener, then you can find the parish name for O.A.R.C. members by clicking here.  If the station you have contacted is not on the members' list then send us an email, giving as much information as possible, and we will try to advise you.

Please read general award rules.