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QSL Policy

On the 1st January 2006 the club's revised qsl policy came into effect. This new policy basically means no more qsl cards via the bureau. We will continue to reply to direct qsl cards, and all qso's are automatically confirmed on Logbook Of The World and eQSL.

Previously, we were receiving many thousands of bureau cards for every DXpedition we undertook. The cost of printing and shipping a large number of cards to and from the RSGB Bureau was proving very expensive for a club with such a small membership - please bear in mind that the entire cost of a DXpedition (not just the QSL cards) is met solely by the club members. We were considering activating only one island per year, but decided that the amateur radio community would be better served by our new policy which will allow us to do more operations.

This was a difficult decision for us to make, but we hope you will understand.

Orkney Amateur Radio Club Committee, 2005

How To Get A Confirmation From Us

Paper QSL Cards
We are happy to continue with DIRECT qsl cards. For further information please see the appropriate webpage for the callsign you contacted

We will honour QSL cards via the bureau for all QSO's up to the 31st December 2005 providing that we receive the card by 31st December 2007. After this date we will no longer accept any bureau cards. All QSO contacts made after 1st January 2006 will only be verified by DIRECT paper qsl, LOTW or eQSL.

Electronic Confirmations

The club is registered on Logbook Of The World and eQSL. All QSO’s are automatically confirmed by both these methods.