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Members of OARC were active for The Four Barriers Challenge on 12th July 2015 starting around 13:00gmt till 24:00

They operated consecutively from four of the Churchill Barriers on four different Islands in one day, all on SSB on the 40m band.

An e-award will be available to anyone contacting all four locations.

The callsign being used was MS0MWW/p

The first location was Barrier no.4 on South Ronaldsay Island, OR-05, IO88nu, WAB-ND49

The second location was Barrier no.3 on Burray Island, OR-14, IO88nu, WAB-ND49

The third location was barrier no.2 on Glims Holm Island, OR-27, IO88nv, WAB-ND49

The fourth and final location was Barrier no.1 on Lamb Holm Island, OR-26, IO88nv, WAB-HY40

Qsl manager for this activation is M0URX