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There has been a keen group of amateur radio enthusiasts within the Orkney Islands for many years. A number of these met informally from time to time; and on occasion various island locations would be activated. In 2000, it was decided that an actual club should be formed. This would allow for a constitution, committee, callsign and more importantly affiliation to the Radio Society of Great Britain. The club has been steadily growing in numbers ever since; partly because of amateurs moving into the area, and because of the new licence classes encouraging people to take up the hobby.

Whilst the club caters for all interests / aspects of amateur radio, one of its main focuses is on island activations and special events. Much planning, preparation and effort go into these events. With the increasing membership numbers, it is hoped that we will be able to do more activations annually.


If you have an interest in amateur radio (or any other aspect of radio) then why not come along to one of our meetings? The Club meets on a monthly basis (see the NEWS section on the main page of this web site for details of the next meeting). The meetings vary throughout the year, from informal chats to video presentations to planning the next island activation; whatever we are doing we will be pleased to see you! Similarly if you are holiday-maker, or visiting Orkney, why not drop in and say hello? You will be most welcome.


We are able to provide tuition for the Foundation Licence and the Intermediate Licence. The club has two registered tutors which allows both examinations to be taken locally. The Foundation Licence Examination can be taken at approximately three week's notice, and the Intermediate Licence Examination is available in accordance with the RSGB timetable.

Morse tuition and proficiency tests can also be arranged to suit all skill levels, from absolute beginner to advanced and contest level.

Club Callsigns

The club's official callsign is MM0MWW, however several different callsigns and special event callsigns have been used: GB1OL, GB2LO, GB5RO and MM5DWW/P.

QSL Information

If you would like QSL information for one of our members (or for a club callsign) please click here.

Committee Members & Officials Of The Club

Listed below are the elected officials and committee members for the year 2015. All positions are resigned each year, and elections take place at the club's Annual General Meeting in accordance with the club's constitution.

Position            Name          Callsign

Chair            Stevie Harvey     MM0SJH

Deputy Chair   Clive Penna       GM3POI

Secretary     Mrs Terry Penna   MM3POI

Treasurer      David Wishart     MM5DWW

Committee       Alan Flett        GM0HTT

Committee      Colin Blunn        GM0IFM

Committee    Brian Gaudie        MM3LLU

Committee        Ed Holt          GM0WED

Committee   Kevin Scollay